Just a few of my favorites...

A year after her Christmas breakup with boyfriend Cameron, Ally finds herself wondering what might have been. A chance encounter with a stranger turns Ally's world upside down as she wakes up back in her parent's house with Cameron the year before. Given the chance to do it all over again, Ally discovers that changing history is even tougher than it seems. 


Geek Actually

Co-written with novelists Cathy Yardley, Cecilia Tan, and Melissa Blue, Geek Actually is a sexy, geeky contemporary women’s fiction series that follows the lives of five diverse, nerdy women as they navigate work, love, life, and the internet. For fans who love both Sex and the City as well as Star Wars, for anyone who knows that sci-fi can be sultry and that “gamer” is not gender specific - this serial will turn you on, rile you up, and leave you with five new friends.


Absolutely True lies

Holly Gracin, a fledgling writer in Los Angeles, stumbles into what could be the gig of a lifetime—writing a young starlet’s tell-all “autobiography”—but soon discovers the secrets lurking behind tween icon Daisy Mae Dixson’s squeaky clean public image.


You Cast a spell on me

Matt, the son of a prominent witch family, is expected by the Witches Council to marry his good friend, Lizzie. But when Matt becomes attracted to Sara after meeting at a party, his magic begins to falter - and Sara discovers all sorts of strange abilities she's never had before. Can the two find one another again before Matt's magic deserts him completely?


Kristen's Christmas Past

A smart, sassy, 34-year-old woman, estranged from her family, goes to sleep alone on Christmas Eve and wakes up Christmas morning seventeen years into her past to relive the worst Christmas of her life. But this time, she is able to go back and change not only her imperfect past, but her also her less than perfect future.


Love takes wing

Mourning her husband's recent death, Dr. Belinda Simpson arrives in the tiny town of Sikeston to fill the post of town physician. Once there she discovers that many of the town’s residents, including children at an orphanage run by Miss Hattie Clarence, have fallen ill or died from an unknown ailment. Opposed by what seems like the entire town, Belinda must trust in her abilities, her friends, and her faith to guide her. Part of the "Love Comes Softly" series, based on the books by beloved author Janette Oke.

Other Works

august creek - feeln

runaway - lifetime

McBride: requiem - hallmark

mcbride: semper fi (with jamie latta) - Hallmark

the deadliest lesson - lifetime movie network